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7 Tips To Make The Most Of A Small Space

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  • Jun 09, 2017

There is no need for a small space to mean small ideas! Just because you have limited space or a small garden, you do not have to do without the enjoyment of growing your own plants or cultivating plant life. While it might be a little more difficult, there are ways of making sure you don’t miss out on the joy of gardening with some creativity and a little know how.

Read on for our 7 top tips on how to make the most of a smaller space…

  1. Try a Window Box

One of the best tools for apartment dwellers looking to maximize their space and add a home-y feel is the trusty window box. Even the smallest of spaces can normally accommodate one, and they can be fitted to either the exterior or interior window sill of your home. Try placing a hanging planter one on a kitchen window or balcony to grow herbs for a fresh and fragrant feel.

  1. Make the Most of Your Balcony

A barren balcony can come alive with the addition of some beautiful potted plants or a set of planters. A mixture of edibles and flowers will be sure to make your balcony the envy of your less inventive neighbours…

  1. Rethink Your Driveway

Even a paved area can provide surprising opportunities for adding some greenery. Consider planting between paving slabs to create a unique and attractive effect.

  1. Use Wall Spaces

Climbing plants like wisteria and honeysuckle are low maintenance (with the exception of the odd trim!) and high impact, providing a brilliant option for space-strapped gardeners. You can also introduce wall mounted planters for smaller plants and flowers.

  1. Build a Garden Tower

A new concept in UK gardens, the garden tower can house up to 50 different variants of plant. With a composting centre, this is a particularly fantastic idea for encouraging aspiring gardeners to dabble with lots of different plants.

  1. Consider a Roof Terrace

Urbanites might automatically assume that gardening is out of their reach, but it needn’t be so. See opportunities in the most unlikely of spaces. Some apartment blocks offer communal garden spaces on the top of their buildings. Be careful when selecting plants for this kind of garden, however – they will need to be able to withstand high altitudes and extremes of weather.

  1. Repurpose Unexpected Items

A vintage chest of drawers, an old toolbox, abandoned shutters….all of these and more can become the basis for thriving plant life with a little care and attention. Making the most of your minimal space is the secret to ‘tiny’ gardening – so be imaginative and see what you can create!

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