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Bank Holiday Projects For Green-Fingered Gardeners

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  • Apr 28, 2017

Spring time brings with it many extended weekends to enjoy with friends and family. And at this time of year, as the weather starts to brighten up, we can think of no better way to spend the bank holiday than to tackle those gardening projects we’ve been wanting to do for months!

This May Day, or any other bank holiday coming up, here are some simple, fun outdoors tasks to enjoy, to complement a refreshing, relaxing weekend.


Add more colour

The cold weather can cause our gardens to become lacking in colour, with only the rich brown of bark or evergreen hues to be seen outside. Add more colour to your garden in an instant this May bank holiday by investing in pots and planters! Patio planters are a feature in themselves, giving you a wonderful raised base to place your favourite pot into, while balcony rail planters allow you to adorn fencing, railing and of course, balconies with an assortment of cheery hues.

Patio planters

Liven the senses

Herbs are a low-maintenance plant, looking lovely in your garden while keeping your home cooking fresh! This bank holiday, why not take some trimmings from your herb garden to use in a meal that evening? As well as keeping them neat, doing so will unleash fantastic smells that will linger around your garden for hours. If you have young children in your family, we’re sure they will love helping you out with this one!


Make a feature wall

Lots of gardens will have a brick wall. If left alone they can look beautiful however, taking the time to spruce it up could leave you with a one-of-a-kind feature to enjoy for years to come. Repair any broken brick faces with a specialist mortar, or leave minor damage for a rustic look, removing any dust or debris. Once you are happy with your wall, choose a colour to paint it with to make it ‘pop’ and tie it in with the colour palette in the rest of your garden. Finally, finish your feature wall with some wall mounted garden pots. By installing some pot rings or pot clips, you can easily add wall hung flower pots onto your new garden focal point.

wall mounted garden pots

Beautify your borders

If left unattended, borders that should be precise and neat can become unruly flowerbeds. After trimming back your blooms, using a plant support system can give your flowers the guide they need to grow into the bold borders you desire. We recommend using bow shaped plant supports for borders, placing them together into curved patterns to add interest to your edging.


With the extra day to enjoy, bank holidays are the perfect time to complete all of your garden ‘to dos’, leaving you with a backyard to be proud of.

Do you have any projects you’re wanting to complete this May Day? What garden tasks do you normally leave until the next bank holiday comes around? We’d love to know!

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