Seven quick and easy ways to transform a courtyard garden

Seven quick and easy ways to transform a courtyard garden

It may feel like you can’t do much to your courtyard garden but you might be pleasantly surprised. While these can feel like hard, cold spaces if left to become covered in weeds and overgrown with dead branches, a little TLC and it could very quickly become sleek, stylish and the envy of all your neighbours.

Would you like to transform your courtyard garden this year? Here are 10 quick and easy ways to do it:

1. Clean the paving

You don’t have any grass to cut or maintain, but that doesn’t mean you can’t care for the paving. Once you have removed any weeds, you should give the paving a deep clean because this will instantly have the area looking brighter and lighter. You may wish to hire a pressure washer to make this quicker and easier, enabling you to get it as clean as possible in no time at all.

2. Large containers

You may, of course, want to vary the size of the containers in your garden, a selection of smaller ones will look great, but large ones can be incredibly effective. Durable and bright pots, like these ones from Bakker, will bring instant structure, height and colour to your garden.

3. Bring the inside out

An easy yet effective way to transform the space is to invest in new furniture and make it a little cosier – picture the warmth, colour and vibrancy of the courtyards that you find in a winding Spanish street. Start by swapping your hard bench for a comfy seating area – then decorate the space with colourful pillows, patterned candles and a string of flickering fairy lights.

4. Make the most of the walls

Are you making the most of your walls? If not, you should be! A courtyard limits you to containers when it comes to plants, but walls – with a little help from pergolas, arches and trellises – enable you to lift those plants off the floor and make the most of the whole space. Likewise, this is the perfect spot for a mirror – these will open up the courtyard and create a whole new dimension.

5. Invest in a storage shed

A storage shed – even a small one – will enable you to keep the space clear of clutter. While you don’t need a lawn mower, you will need a trowel and watering can, for example, to care for your container plants. A small shed is the perfect place to store these and it could always work as an extra frame for your climber plants.

6. Think outside the box

Another great way to lift plants off the ground and something a little unique, is a step ladder, with each rung being used for a pot plant, or two. Similarly, you may want to upcycle and use an old tea cup or welly boot as a planter.

7. Attract wildlife

It couldn’t be easier to attract birds and other wildlife to your garden – all you need to do is hang a birdhouse from the wall, a bird feeder from a tree branch or use a bird bath as your centre piece. Not only will it bring your garden to life with wildlife, it will also provide them with food, shelter and water and also add to the aesthetics of your courtyard.

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  • Oliver Vincent
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