Three Tip for Looking After a Live Christmas Tree

Three Tip for Looking After a Live Christmas Tree

Nothing says Christmas like the sight of glossy green pine needles or the sharp scent of a fresh, real live tree. Evergreens have been used as part of winter celebrations for thousands of years, and for many of us, decorating the tree marks the true start of the festive season. It’s a nostalgic ceremony that brings back happy memories of time spent with loved ones.

Today, there are many varieties of artificial tree available, but live trees are seeing a real resurgence in popularity. Live trees take a little bit more care than artificial ones, but with a little bit of preparation and effort, there’s no reason that your real Christmas tree won’t last through the festive season.

Choose your location

Remember your tree will be whole when you purchase it, so choose a room that means you won’t have to push and pull the tree through too many doorways. Position the tree in a space away from radiators or open fire, as not only will heat dry your tree out and shorten its lifespan, but once evergreens dry out, they become highly flammable.

Prepare the trunk

Before you bring your tree inside, cut the base of the trunk by at least an inch, and make sure you position it within eight hours. Choose an adjustable base or support for your live tree that can adapt to the width of the trunk. If you slice off the outer layers of bark, this will affect how much water the tree can absorb. If you aren’t planning on putting your tree up as soon as you’ve bought it home, leave it outside. Trees thrive better when they are fresh and cool outdoors.


It’s easy to forget that a Christmas tree is a living organism, and like all organisms it requires nutrients to survive. Make sure you pick a stand that can contain water, and check this regularly to make sure the reservoir hasn’t gone dry. This is worth the effort, as hydrated trees lose less needles, which will save you time cleaning them up. As a rule, aim for around 950ml of water for every 2.5cm diameters of trunk If you can use a stand that has a spill-proof rim, this is perfect for keeping the water away from electric lights and plug sockets, as well as preventing slip hazards on wood or tiled flooring.

If you’ve got a live tree planned this year, have a look at our range of easy to use and pretty live Christmas tree stands, perfect for keeping your tree happy, healthy and secure for the duration of the festive season.

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