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When to Use Plant Support Hoops and Bows

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  • Apr 14, 2017

It may seem that those who have a vibrant, luscious garden that is full of life are simply naturally good gardeners, and they possess a whole lot of luck. While this is partially true, even the best gardeners out there would not have a bunch of blooms so strong if they didn’t have the correct tools to help them. Like people, plants sometimes need a helping hand to reach their full potential and plant supports offer the perfect type of assistance.

There are numerous plant supports for the garden in various shapes and styles, and as such they should be used with different plants and to achieve specific outcomes. In this post, we’re going to focus on plant support hoops and bows.


Plant Support Hoops

If you have a tall, top-heavy plant then our hoops are the perfect option. For example, plants such as lilies, orchids, roses, iris and hydrangea work well with this garden hoop plant support type. Whether your blooms are fully grown or still young, a hoop can be used to guide them at any stage. Due to its design, the tall prongs of the hoop can be inserted into the ground at whatever height is needed to support the plant as it grows taller. For fully grown flowers, the cage like mechanism also means you can insert and secure the plant without any risk of damaging it, simply opening the hoop and gathering the foliage inside.

These plant support hoops are made from strong, solid steel and are coated in plastic in order to remain robust and rust resistant. However, they can be used indoors or outdoors as desired. Our plant stem support hoops come in packs of three or nine with four sizes to choose from, giving you the options you need to help your garden grow its best.

Plant Support Bows

While hoops offer targeted support, plant support bows are much more versatile and can guide plants of almost any shape or size.

Plant support bows are perfect for creating intricate floral arrangements to look wonderful in flowerbeds, along pathways and more. To do this, you can either link together singular bows to create your desired pattern, or invest in a plant support path bow to create a long, structured row of flowers. Like the plant support hoops, the long, straight stake design of the supports means they can be inserted into the grounds to guide plants of any height, growing as the flowers do.

Alternatively, these bows are also perfect for simply offering support to larger, wide spreading plants. Our plant support wide bow works well for this use. Although they are made from strong, solid steel, each of the plant support bows can be manipulated to fit the flower it is supporting, growing in whichever shape you desire. For larger plants, place the wide bow plant supports around the edge of it, moving the supports out as it grows – it’s that simple!


These are just two varieties of plant supports, with other types such as twist, cage, cloche and grow through plant support types to choose from.

Browse our full range of plant support hoops, bows and more online.

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