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Plant Supports

With our garden plant supports, you can make your garden grow and bloom beautifully by promoting good air circulation, lifting plants closer to the sun, and preventing pests. Each of our metal plant supports is made in the UK exclusively for Home & Gardens, with the utmost quality materials and designs to ensure flower coverage and an improved yield. Our plant supports are ideal for vines, trailing plants, and perennials, while metal plant supports like peony support cages are ideal for giving peony bushes a necessary boost to stay upright. Shop our collection of metal plant supports here and browse our plant support cages and grow throughs online now.

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Our selection of plant supports will bring out your garden’s full potential with plenty of support while it grows. From metal plant supports, decorative plant supports, obelisks, climbing plant supports, and peony support cages, you’ll find exactly the type of plant support to nurture your plants’ development. Each of our plant supports is made in the UK exclusively for Home & Gardens Extra to ensure that they always carry our stamp of high quality. 

Peony support cages 

Peonies are famous for their large, beautiful heads that often bloom layered, flowers. This beautiful flower flourishes and thrives best in full sunlight so they need all the support they can get to face the sun and stand upright. Peony support cages will be able to hold up and assist the stem by providing enough support so your peonies can hold their heads high towards the sun. As your peonies grow, the plant support cage will become less visible until eventually, it is barely noticeable when you’re watching the grandkids play in the garden. Plant cages aren’t just about providing peony support to keep them aesthetically pleasing, they also serve a purpose to direct more sunlight towards the leaves and will allow for better air circulation as they lift up the head while supporting the stem. 

Metal plant supports for climbing varieties 

For climbing varieties like ivy and clematis, and crops like runner beans, you really can make a stunning focal point in your garden with a trellis on the fence or an obelisk in a flower bed. Each of our climbing plant supports is designed especially for giving climbing varieties a boost with a design that encourages the plant to wrap around the metal of the plant supports. When you’ve chosen a design to suit your garden from our beautiful selection of climbing plant supports, simply place it in the flower bed so you can get cracking on training your trailing plants to grow along with the design. 

Find your plant supports and decorative plant stakes online at Home & Gardens now, then why not browse our gorgeous selection of planters, pots, and garden furniture?