Christmas Tree Stand - 4" or 5" Base - Premium

Product Description
  • Metal Christmas tree stand
  • Plastic coated
  • Four colours
  • 4” or 5” Diameter tube
  • Supports trees up to approximately 8ft tall

A beautiful, real Christmas tree needs the perfect foundation to make sure it stays in place, stands up straight and looks amazing. The metal design of our Christmas tree stand for live trees is not only sturdy, but it also looks the part.

Four solid steel legs give optimum weight distribution and solidarity, with a spiked base and strong thumbscrews that can be tightened as necessary to hold the trunk in place securely. The base is also fully waterproof, so you won’t need to bring soil indoors to help your tree last the full festive period. Capable of holding real Christmas trees from 6 foot to approximately 8 foot tall, a Christmas tree stand for real trees is a wonderfully simple and stylish way to give a foundation to the festive focal point of the room.

The whole structure is plastic coated, including the attractive scrolled legs, and is available in a choice of colours. Go for classic black, or festive favourites such as red, green or gold to match the style of your room or the colour theme for your decorations.