Christmas Tree Stand - 5" Base - Standard

Product Description
  • Metal Christmas tree stand
  • Plastic coated
  • Three legs
  • Four colours
  • 5” Diameter tube
  • Supports trees up to approximately 8ft tall

The scent of a real Christmas tree is one that sparks nostalgia and happy memories, yet it’s also something that can pose a problem when it comes to stability, especially for those with younger, older or four legged members of the family.

Our attractive metal Christmas tree stand is ideal for securing trees of up to an impressive eight feet tall, with strong thumbscrews that can be adjust according to thickness of trunk. Three legs means the weight of your tree is equally distributed, and will result in less unsightly marking on soft flooring such as rugs or carpets after Christmas is over and the tree is taken down.

Live trees need water to thrive, so our Christmas tree stand for live trees is fully waterproof, and eliminates the need to bring soil or compost in from outside to keep your tree happy. The base also contains a spike to help a symmetrical positioning and prevent wobble.

A heavy-duty solid steel structure is softened with plastic coating, and the three legs feature a stunning scrolled design that will fit perfectly in any stylish room. With four colours to choose from, you can coordinate your decorations or colour scheme seamlessly.