Easy Fill Stand

Product Description
Made from recycled plastic, our easy fill hanging baskets are the easy way to plant beautiful hanging baskets. But with our easy fill stand you can now turn your hanging basket into a patio planter! Simply unclip the chains from the baskets and this original gardenxtras.com design allows either 12” easy fill baskets or 14” easy fill baskets to fit snugly into the top of the stand. It’s made of plastic coated solid steel so that it won’t rust and features three feet for complete stability. Available with or without baskets. The 12” baskets have space to plant 6 flowers in the sides and 14” baskets have space to plant 9 flowers in the sides.

Stand & 12" Basket - £15.99 each - 2 for £30

Stand & 14" Basket - £17.99 each - 2 for £34