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Heartwood Spruce - Artificial Tree

by Festive
SKU P008443
Original price £39.99 - Original price £69.99
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£39.99 - £69.99
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  • Featuring a folding stand and hook-in branches for easy assembly and storage
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Made of PVC

When it comes to Artificial Christmas Trees, there are a lot available and they range from cheap and cheerful to so realistic you'd never know the difference. Here's a quick guide to help you pick the perfect artificial tree for you:

PVC - Until recent years all artificial trees have been PVC, sheets of compressed PVC are used to create the needles by cutting them into long flat rectangles before being twisted between two strings of wire that act as branches.

PE - PE or Polyethylene is considered to be the only material that truly replicates the look of a real Christmas tree. PE trees are injection moulded, with moulds made using real tree branches, resulting in life like, three dimensional needles and branches.

Mixed - Some artificial trees feature a mix of both, with the tips of the branches being made with PE for the most realistic look and feel, while PVC is used further down the branches to make the tree appear thicker.

Number of tips - This refers to the total number of branches stemming from the main branches, the more tips the fuller the tree appears.


180cm (6ft Tall) - 553 tips

210cm (7ft Tall) - 837 tips

Scroll through images for detailed measurements.