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Easy Fill & Clean Sunflower heart Feeder

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Attract an assortment of beautiful and colourful birds to your garden or patio with Honeyfield's Easy Fill & Clean Sunflower Heart Feeder. Designed for use with single ingredient bird food, the practical, lightweight and easy to use feeder is ideal for suspending from a vantage point that offers you the best feeding view. Slip the integral hanger over a hook on a wall or fence, or hang from a tree, and sit back and await the imminent feeding frenzy.

Honeyfield's Easy Fill & Clean Sunflower Heart Feeder comprises of a sturdy fine mesh cylindrical tube that is attached to a round removable base, and a secure screw top lid. Between fillings, clean out the feeder by pressing the quick release buttons located in the base. Once thoroughly cleaned, reattach and fill up the tube with the nutrient packed food that coal tits, goldfinches, chaffinches, and siskins find hard to resist.