Plant Support Bows

Product Description
  • Sold in packets of 3 or 9
  • Made of Strong Solid Steel
  • Plastic coated and rust resistant
  • Sturdy garden plant supports
  • Interlinking to form rows, circle, cloverleaves, etc
  • Great alternative to common shaped plant support cages
  • Available in three different sizes.
  • Scroll through the images for detailed measurements

Some of the most popular of our plant supports for garden and outdoor areas, our plant support bows are made of strong yet light solid steel. They are also covered in a super durable plastic coating making them rust resistant for use year after year. The finish is stylish yet understated, making them suitable for use as indoor plant supports and not simply limited to outdoor garden plant use.

Available in three different sizes to allow for a huge scope of plants and sold in packs of three or 9, our garden support bows can be linked together to form more complex and beautiful outdoor plant support arrangements. Clean rows, circular patterns, geometric designs- your imagination is the only limit.

Top tips -

  • Plant supports come into their own towards the middle and end of the season. As the plant develops, the plant support cage provides a framework to support the growth.
  • If the elements have left your foliage looking a little windswept, bow plant supports are great for rescuing and reviving them.
  • Bow plant supports can be gently bent to better suit the plants they're supporting. This flexibility means they can be used with almost every shape and size of plant and makes them much more versatile than most plant support hoops or rings.
  • When growing large plants, a large bow can be inserted deep into the ground, then slowly drawn out as the plant gets taller


Scroll through the images for detailed measurements.

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