Plant Support Hoops

Product Description
  • Sold in packets of 3 or 9
  • Made of Strong Solid Steel
  • Plastic coated and rust resistant
  • Sturdy garden plant supports
  • Available in four different sizes
  • Scroll through the images for detailed measurements

Top heavy and tall garden plants need a little bit of extra help to keep them from toppling over and snapping. But why ruin a beautiful arrangement with boring plant support cages?

Our plant support hoops come in convenient packs of three or nine, in a choice of four sizes to suit a variety of outdoor and indoor plants such as lilies, iris, orchids, hydrangea and roses. Simply gather the foliage into the hoop, and close the handy gate mechanism to keep your foliage safe. This innovative design allows you to introduce support to even fully grown plants without the risk of damage. The strong solid frame is sturdy enough to insert into even hard ground, and is plastic coated to repel rust. It's suited to either indoor or outdoor use, giving your green fingers total flexibility.

The smart design means you can even adjust the height as your plants grow by pushing the prongs further in or out as needed.

Pack Size