Plant Support Path Bow

Product Description
  • Sold in packets of 3 or 9
  • Made of Strong Solid Steel
  • Plastic coated and rust resistant
  • Sturdy garden plant supports
  • Great alternative to path edging
  • Scroll through the images for detailed measurements

Like our wide plant support bows, these path plant supports provide protection and guidance for the majority of outdoor and indoor flowers and foliage. The frames are made from a sturdy yet pliable steel, so not only will they hold their own against the elements, they are also flexible enough to be and manipulated gently to adapt to the plant they are supporting.

The plastic-coated finish is rust-resistant and the subtle style makes these path plant supports perfect for both internal and external use. Help roses, peonies and plumbing plants to thrive through their lifetime- just insert the support deep upon planting and adjust the height as they grow.

These sturdy garden plan supports are ideal for establishing garden path or driveway flowerbeds easily without the need for complicated fixtures or fittings. They are available in packs of three or 9, so you can plant as many or as few new additions as you need.