Plant Support Twists

Product Description
  • Sold in packets of 3 or 9
  • Made of Strong Solid Steel
  • Plastic coated and rust resistant
  • Sturdy garden plant supports spirals
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Scroll through the images for detailed measurements

The latest addition to our garden plant support range, this sturdy and innovative plant support spiral features a clever and easy to use design, offering a handy solution to help foliage grow strong and healthy.

Available in three sizes for plants at any stage of growth, the spiral detaches from the main stem for convenient storage, as well as easy insertion into plants without damaging them. The garden plan support can be used to support partially or fully grown plants. The flexible but sturdy steel frame is plastic coated to be resilient to rust, so it's perfect for either indoor or outdoor use. Choose from small, medium or large for foxgloves, verbena and peonies to name but a few.

Each pack comes with either three or nine plant supports, so you can complete the job of securing your indoor or outdoor greenery in one go.

Pack Size