Grow Through Plant Supports - Round

Product Description
  • Sold in packets of 3
  • Made of strong solid steel
  • Plastic coated and rust resistant
  • Sturdy garden plant supports
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Scroll through the images for detailed measurements

Flexibility is key when it comes to giving your garden plants effective support. Your foliage will grow and change, so you need a solution that will adapt accordingly. Our solid steel plant support ring has reposition-able legs, and can be height adjusted as needed.

Each of the supportive legs act more efficiently than ordinary plant support cages, and can be inserted anywhere on the main frame. The legs themselves are sturdy enough to manage even hard ground and the whole design is made from a strong solid steel with a plastic coating to guard against rust.

The grid shape of the main frame ensures each stem is accommodated, maximising the amount of sunlight each head gets. What's more, when your plant comes to full bloom, the grid will be almost completely hidden. Ideal for supporting a whole variety of foliage including dahlias, peonies, agapanthus and more. Choose your support to fit your arrangement in either round or rectangular shapes.