Rubber Garden Trugs:

Product Description
  • Versatile rubber trugs
  • 45 Litre capacity
  • Choice of five colours
  • Frost, UV and shatter proof

Any piece of equipment used outdoors must be hardwearing, resilient and adaptable. Our rubber garden Trug is created as a robust alternative to plastic buckets and is suitable for an array of tasks in the home and garden such as car washing, removing rubble, mucking out stables or mixing soil at the allotment. Convenient handles on each side are strong but easy to grip as the rubber won’t cut into skin.

Rubber garden Trugs are capable of withstanding the elements, are frost proof, UV stable and shatter proof, making them more reliable than plastic alternatives. This clever design and its robust properties means it will see you through whatever job you need to do, no matter the season. Its hardwearing nature makes it a value-for-money rubber trug, able to effortlessly deal with whatever task you throw at it in the home or garden. From laundry and kids toys to soil and rubbish, this sturdy rubber bucket is indispensable.

If you need multiple rubbers Trugs for different purposes, you can code each separately by allocating one of the five colours available to each task.

Making life even easier, each rubber garden Trug can be coupled with our Trug Trolly, removing the need for lifting – simply wheel your load to its final destination with no straining or lifting required.


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