Wellington Boot Stand - 3 Pair

Product Description
  • Coated plastic over solid steel frame
  • Holds three pairs of wellies
  • Suitable as an indoor or outdoor boot stand
  • Suitable for all types of wellie boots
  • Compact, tidy rack design

Dirty wellies can take up a lot of room and leave your halls, doorways and rooms looking untidy, as well as getting unnecessary mess, mud and dirt on the floor which can then be transported through the whole house. Luckily, help is at hand with this stylish, timeless wellie boot rack which can store up to three pairs of wellies and keep them neatly out of the way, even if they are used daily. By holding boots upside down, it ensures that mess in minimised and gives wet boots the chance to dry out properly, ready for their next outing to the garden, the stables or out in the country. You can even use this stylish steel stand outdoors, as its clever design means rain won't be able to get to the insides of your boots. No one likes soggy feet after all!

The solid steel frame is sturdy, and plastic coated in elegant black for easy cleaning and rust resistance. Fusing form and function, the smart design with chic scrolled feet will look at home in any dwelling, no matter the style.

Perfect for any admirer of outdoor or country pursuits who needs a smart and stylish solution to wellie boot storage. Its suitable for all types of wellington boots and works effortlessly as an indoor or outdoor boot stand whatever the weather.