Wrought Iron Hanging Basket with Coco Liner

Product Description
  • Hanging Basket / Hanging Cauldron Planter
  • Pre-lined with Coco Liner
  • Coco Liner is made of natural fibrers with a light plastic coating
  • Baskets made of heavy duty steel, plastic coated to prevent rusting
  • Available in 16" and 18" versions

Creating a beautiful, attractive outdoor space no matter how much space you have is easy with a little bit of imagination and the right garden accessories. Hanging baskets are a quick and simple way of brightening up your property exterior, even if you don't have much in the way of lawn space or room for ground level pots.

Suitable for use on wall or fence mounted brackets, our hanging cauldron basket comes pre-lined with a coco liner made of natural fibres with a light plastic coating that retains the appealing round shape.

The frame is formed from heavy-duty steal that is durable and sturdy enough to take a reasonable amount of weight. The plastic coating eliminates the rust of rust, making this pre-lined hanging basket a long-lasting garden staple. Available in two sizes.

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