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Why was Squirrel Ban created?

During the colder months of the year, when their natural food sources are more limited, many birds turn

to bird feeders to supplement their diets. However, leaving large portions of bird food out in feeders often

attracts Squirrels.

While a lot of people may be happy to feed squirrels in principle, the problem is that squirrels will often eat

an entire feeder of food and in many cases, will break the bird feeder to get to the food inside.

What is Squirrel Ban?

A premium seed blend that has been treated with chillimega™

What is Chillimega ™?

It’s a quality blend of nutritional oils and chill extracts. It’s packed with vitamins and omega goodness with

hot chilli to deter the squirrels.

How does it work?

Squirrels, rats and mice have a receptor that tells them chilli is hot and to avoid it. However, birds do not

have this receptor and therefore they eat it normally without knowing it’s there.

Is it natural?

Totally natural! In the wild the heat of chilli protects it from animals that would normally eat it, but its

seeds are spread by the birds that are naturally immune to the heat. It’s totally harmless to birds, squirrels

and humans.

Which kind of birds is Squirrel Ban for?

While it is formulated for all bird species and any of the birds you are likely to find in your garden will eat

it, some examples of the birds you are most likely to see eating from bird feeders are Robins, Blue Tits and