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Welcome to Home & Garden Extras

Copper Plated Nut Feeder

Original price £23.99 - Original price £23.99
Original price
£23.99 - £23.99
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  • Copperplated nut feeder
  • Catchment bowl for feed
  • Drainage holes
  • Screw lid on top of dispenser
  • 6.5 x 12"

This modern Copper Plated Feeder is stylish and suitable for any garden. Perfect for nuts or peanuts, this feeder can be opened by a screw lid, making it easy to use and re-fill. Encourage bird-life in your garden by placing this on a table or hanging somewhere wildlife friendly. The open-structured Seed Feeder ensures that birds can enjoy the feed from all sides. Drainage holes will keep rainfall from building up and prevent the contents from sitting in excess water, and a tray at the base ensures that that feed and nutshells do not fall on the ground but remain in the silo.

Metric: 16cm Diameter x 32cm Height 6" Diameter x 12" Height