An outdoor adventure wouldn’t be complete without a little alfresco dining, but whilst plates sit happily on laps or lawns, drinks can be a bit trickier to support safely. A simple and elegant solution, our outdoor drinks holders are designed to work with a wide variety of beverages, including wine bottles and glasses, cans, cups, and mugs, and are easy to use and store. Our garden drinks holders mean you can conveniently secure your drink without warming it in your hands, safe in the knowledge that it will not topple over on uneven surfaces, get blown over by wind or knocked over accidentally. Each solid steel prong is strong enough to pierce even the toughest of ground, and the plastic coating guards against rust and can be wiped clean. The design is sleeker and more space efficient than camping tables and trays, and can be used anywhere from the beach to the park, for camping trips and festivals.

Outdoor Drinks Holders

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