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The Best Plants You Can Hang!

The Best Plants You Can Hang! 0

Now that spring has arrived, many of us are turning our attention to our back garden. While your outdoors area may have been left somewhat neglected during the winter months, the hotter weather inspires us all to make our garden a place that is full of colour and life, making it the perfect environment to relax in.

Investing in hanging baskets, hanging fence planters or other kinds of balcony flower pots is the perfect way to add life to your garden, in an instant. Even if you only have a small space to play with or other limitations such as no lawn or back yard whatsoever, these hanging planters let you enjoy your favourite flowers, suspended in mid-air!

If you’re looking up to your wall, fence or balcony this spring rather than down to the soil in the ground, here are some of the best plants you can hang:

Flower box


Why not create a hanging herb garden with your balcony flower pots? Many herbs can withstand numerous weather conditions, making them a no-fuss grow with big, aromatic rewards! Whether you chose rosemary, thyme, sage, mint or more, you could pot each one individually and display them in a rustic steel balcony pot hanger holder for a beautiful, decorative effect. Or, ‘bundle’ them together to create a rural, organic feeling mini herb garden in one large hanging pot

Trailing Plants

If you want to take advantage of the position of your hanging fence planters, trailing plants will spill out and over the edge of the pot, creating a classic cascading effect.  Trailing Fuschsia is wonderful for this, with its bright bell-like blooms carelessly toppling over any rail planter it is placed in while trailing begonias will flower its cheery orange display, even if stored in shadier conditions. Complement these colourful flowers with a creeping green leafy plant such as Ivy to add more texture to your pot.

Cherry Tomatoes

Believe it or not, certain types of cherry tomatoes can be successfully grown in any balcony or hanging planter. Choose a ‘tumbling tom’ variety, placed in a larger pot, perfectly 10 – 12”. (These pots can be attached to any wall using some robust pot clips.)

Upright plants

If you prefer your flowers to stand to attention rather than lazily trail over the edge of your basket, there are many upright varieties that provide a strong, sturdy burst of colour. Geraniums are a popular choice and they will last well into autumn, while the sweet-smelling, smaller Biden plant makes a cheerful addition to any balcony pot. Argyranthemum, the oversized daisy like flower is certainly bold, making an impression wherever it is planted.


As well as traditional hanging baskets, other balcony planter solutions such as railing planter boxes and wall pot rings make it easy to transform every fence, windowsill, wall or doorway into a splendid suspended garden.

Which plants will you be hanging this year?

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When to Use Plant Support Hoops and Bows

When to Use Plant Support Hoops and Bows 0

It may seem that those who have a vibrant, luscious garden that is full of life are simply naturally good gardeners, and they possess a whole lot of luck. While this is partially true, even the best gardeners out there would not have a bunch of blooms so strong if they didn’t have the correct tools to help them. Like people, plants sometimes need a helping hand to reach their full potential and plant supports offer the perfect type of assistance.

There are numerous plant supports for the garden in various shapes and styles, and as such they should be used with different plants and to achieve specific outcomes. In this post, we’re going to focus on plant support hoops and bows.


Plant Support Hoops

If you have a tall, top-heavy plant then our hoops are the perfect option. For example, plants such as lilies, orchids, roses, iris and hydrangea work well with this garden hoop plant support type. Whether your blooms are fully grown or still young, a hoop can be used to guide them at any stage. Due to its design, the tall prongs of the hoop can be inserted into the ground at whatever height is needed to support the plant as it grows taller. For fully grown flowers, the cage like mechanism also means you can insert and secure the plant without any risk of damaging it, simply opening the hoop and gathering the foliage inside.

These plant support hoops are made from strong, solid steel and are coated in plastic in order to remain robust and rust resistant. However, they can be used indoors or outdoors as desired. Our plant stem support hoops come in packs of three or nine with four sizes to choose from, giving you the options you need to help your garden grow its best.

Plant Support Bows

While hoops offer targeted support, plant support bows are much more versatile and can guide plants of almost any shape or size.

Plant support bows are perfect for creating intricate floral arrangements to look wonderful in flowerbeds, along pathways and more. To do this, you can either link together singular bows to create your desired pattern, or invest in a plant support path bow to create a long, structured row of flowers. Like the plant support hoops, the long, straight stake design of the supports means they can be inserted into the grounds to guide plants of any height, growing as the flowers do.

Alternatively, these bows are also perfect for simply offering support to larger, wide spreading plants. Our plant support wide bow works well for this use. Although they are made from strong, solid steel, each of the plant support bows can be manipulated to fit the flower it is supporting, growing in whichever shape you desire. For larger plants, place the wide bow plant supports around the edge of it, moving the supports out as it grows – it’s that simple!


These are just two varieties of plant supports, with other types such as twist, cage, cloche and grow through plant support types to choose from.

Browse our full range of plant support hoops, bows and more online.

Essential Tools For Messy Gardeners

Essential Tools For Messy Gardeners 0

Some things in life are more fun when there is mess making involved. For many of our customers, this applies to their gardening technique, and a day outdoors can often results in boots piled high with mud as well as off-cuts of branches and hastily pulled weeds strewn all over those neatly manicured lawns. There’s nothing wrong with creating an ‘organised chaos in your garden’ – here are some accessories that are essential for messy gardeners, helping to return your backyard balance once more!

 Boot Scrapers

Whatever the weather, the boots you wear for your outdoor improvements can quickly get mucky. When left dry, it is easy to wipe off the dust-like dirt from your wellington boots however, if it has been raining or if you’ve been watering your plants then the mud is much harder to budge. A heavy duty boot scraper, such as a cast iron Victorian boot scraper, is both decorative and practical, making it the perfect addition for your backdoor step. If your garden is classic, then a vintage boot scraper style will complement its appearance however, if your lawn is filled with fun ornaments and characters then our charming dog design may suit. For something more substantial, we also have a multi-purpose boot scraper and brush, featuring handles and a horseshoe boot puller to remove your Wellingtons without having to get your hands dirty too!

Boot Scrapers

Wellington Boot Stands

Even when the thick casing of mud has been carefully removed with a decorative booth scraper, it’s best to store your boots in a specific place in order to prevent the outdoors from heading inside and dirtying your interiors too. Wellington boot stands are perfect for this. Our range of stands are coated in plastic over a solid steel frame, making each one durable enough to be used as an outdoor boot holder, while decorative enough to be placed in any porch or hallway. As well as storing your boots upright and keeping the muddy soles away from the ground, some of our stands also feature boot pullers to remove them carefully too.

Wellington Boot Stands

Flexible Garden Bucket

In order to avoid having to retrace your steps to pick up any off-cuts, trimmings and general garden waste, a trug is essential. A trug is a rubber gardening bucket that is flexible, lightweight and makes transporting heavy weights much easier. With easy grip handles, every gardener can keep one of these flexible garden buckets by their side in order to help them with a range of outdoors duties. Frost proof, shatter proof and UV stable, these hardwearing rubber garden buckets are indispensable for any messy gardener and the even messier tasks they complete!

Flexible Garden Bucket

Outdoor Drinks Holders

While a garden was made for relaxation, it can be remarkably difficult to keep refreshing drinks stable when sitting on a lawn. And if you are particularly clumsy, spillages are a common occurrence. Our collection of outdoor drinks holders use a stake to pierce into the ground, forming a strong and supportive base. With a selection of sizes available, these holders ensure that warm mugs of tea are stored without burning hands and wine bottles, glasses and tumblers are safe and secure, ready to be enjoyed alfresco.

Do you know a messy gardener, or are you guilty of causing chaos outdoors? With these handy tools, calm can be restored once more!

Gardening Tips For Early Spring

Gardening Tips For Early Spring 0

The start of spring is very exciting for keen gardeners as well as those who just simply love the great outdoors – with longer, lighter days to enjoy, now is the time to start making preparations in your outside area to ensure it is blossoming and blooming in the summer months. Now the clocks have turned forward, here are some fun gardening projects to enjoy in early spring. 


Plant Your Summer Bulbs

This low-fuss gardening task is great way to be productive outdoors, even when the weather is wet! Plant your beautiful summer flowering bulbs such as freesias, begonias and oriental lilies now to ensure your garden is filled with colourful blooms in a few months time. While these bulbs can be planted in your grass, choosing other planting methods such as a wall mounted flower pot holder means that you can quickly edit and arrange the look of your garden using these portable wall hung flower pots, once the bulbs start to showcase their colourful flowers.

If the weather does turn and those April showers appear while planting your bulbs, keep your home safe from the mud outside with a wall mounted Wellington boot rack!


Spring Clean Your Flower Beds

The cruel winter months can leave flower beds lacking lustre, with an unsightly build up of leaves and other unwanted waste. What better time to give them the attention they deserve and clean them up then at the start of spring? Remove any debris and cut back dead growth, ready for a new season of life and colour!

Now your flower beds are looking smarter, placing some decorative plant stakes is a fantastic way to add interest to your garden while you are waiting for your summery flower to bloom.


Stock Up On Plant Supports

While we’re still gearing up for summer, now is the time to complete those tasks that you know you’ll be too excited to do when the sun in shining! Stock up on plant supports and hoops to ensure that the plants you seed in summer have the guide they need to grow at their best. While you’re waiting for those days to come, these beautiful, structural sculptures make a wonderful, decorative addition to your outdoor area.

There are many different types of plant cages and supports available such as grow through supports, hoops, bows, cages and twists. The support that is right for you will depend on the type of flowers you are using with them.


Prepare To Enjoy!

Finally, spring is the time to start prepping your garden ready for ultimate enjoyment in summer. While your bulbs are blooming and your pots are slowly bursting with colour, why not update your outdoors furniture so you can sit in your garden in style? Simply adorning your seats, benches and loungers with new cushions and covers will give your outdoor seating sets a comfortable update.

What projects are you looking forward to doing, now that spring has arrived?

Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Green Fingered Mum

Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Green Fingered Mum 0

On Mother’s Day it can be tempting to head down the tried and tested route of a box of chocolates, pamper items or to simply send a bunch of flowers when searching for a gift for your mum. However, while we’re sure that she will love all of these indulgences, it’s not too late to order a present that truly reflects her passion! If your mum is an active gardener, or perhaps just enjoys spending time outdoors, we have a selection of gifts for gardeners that will suit any green fingered mother.

All orders placed by 1pm on Thursday will make it to her doorstep by the weekend. What’s more, we’re offering 10% off all orders for customers that use our special code: MOTHERS2017

Trugs, Trug Trolleys and Wagons

Does your mum have a large garden with big projects lined up? A flexible garden bucket such as the trug bucket can help, helping her to store and transport tools, clippings and more around her outdoors area. For those mammoth tasks, a trug trolley is a great alternative to the wheelbarrow, ergonomically designed to help manoeuvre heavy goods safely and efficiently, without any unnecessary strain.

Plant Stakes

If the hard work has been done on your mum’s garden and now she enjoys adding quirky finishing touches, then our range of decorative plant stakes will provide the perfect present. Characters such as fairies, bunnies, cats, chickens and lambs are available, alongside flowers and contemporary spiral shapes, each with an authentic ‘shabby chic’ rusty finish.

Outdoor Drinks Holders

A carefully cared for garden, complete with decorations, was made to be enjoyed – and how better to do so than with a bite to eat and of course, a drink! Whether wine, beer or simply a cup of tea is your mother’s al fresco tipple of choice, we stock a variety of garden cup holder products to keep it safe and stable. Our range of outdoor wine glass and bottle holder solutions feature a spiral shape to hold any drinks receptacle, while a strong and sturdy steel stake can be planted firmly into any type of ground.

Wellington Boot Stands

Although we are officially now in spring, we still have many rainy days to come throughout the spring and summer season and wellington boots remain a keen gardener and outdoor lover’s essential! To keep them neat and tidy, as well as ensuring homes are not caked with mud, we stock many beautiful outdoor Wellington boot stand designs, as well as a wall mounted Wellington boot rack. Made from a plastic coated steel, these Wellington boot stands are as hardwearing as they are charming, complementing any home or garden design while acting as an organisational tool.

With an entire range of premium gardening gifts available online including flower pot rings, balcony planters, garden furniture and more, last minute Mother’s Day gifts don’t need to be rushed. Browse the full range online to find the perfect, personal present for your mum this March.

Gift Ideas for Garden Lovers

Gift Ideas for Garden Lovers 0

A Christmas gift that reflects the hobbies and interests of that special someone are often the best received. If you have a friend or family member who enjoys spending time outdoors, we have a great selection of gift ideas that are sure to go down well this year.

For those who complete tasks that involve transportation or heavy lifting outdoors, make life easier for them with a trug trolley or wagon. Wheelbarrows can be awkward to manoeuvre, and can put unnecessary strain on the back and legs, so an easy to use, reliable and ergonomic method for moving goods around is an ideal gift suggestion for anyone who might struggle with completing their outdoor tasks on their own. Practical and effective, this is certainly a gift they will get use out of.

Do you have somebody to buy for who loves quirky adornments? Allow them to personalise their outdoor space with a plant stake in their favourite shape. Our eye-catching plant stakes come with an authentic rusty finish in several shapes; if they have a favourite pet, why not present them with a cat, horse or bunny stake to remind them of their four-legged friend?

House-proud home owners who enjoy taking relaxing country walks with the family will know the inconvenience muddy wellies can be when they are cluttering up hallways and trailing dirt through the house. Make their life easier and give them an elegant wellington boot stand that will create an attractive and orderly way for them to keep their outdoor essentials out of harm’s way. Our boots racks can hold up to four pairs of boots or outdoor shoes, so are a great gift for families with messy little feet as well.

If you’ve been tasked with arranging a Christmas present for someone younger, what could be better than an item that will enhance their trips out or festival experiences? Give them something to keep their hands free and their drink cool on their next outdoor outing or camping trip with a simple to use and easy to store drinks holder. No matter if they’re a wine drinker, beer fan or warm beverage enthusiast, we have an outdoor drink holder to suit all tastes. Each set comes with at least four cup or glass holders, and our wine holder has a dedicated support for a full bottle of wine. Perfect for spontaneous road trips or garden soirees.

What do you have on your Christmas list this year?