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Gothic Trellis - Wall mounted

SKU 1893-RT-PC1
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£37.99 - £67.99
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Sold in packs of one or two — Choose between a single centrepiece for your garden or a matching pair that you can use to frame features.

Use decoratively or as a plant support — You will have flexibility in how you use your metal trellis. It not only provides the ideal canvas for your favourite climbers It‘s beautiful when left bare.

Black plastic-coated steel — Being constructed from sturdy, plastic-coated metal, you can rest assured that your trellis won’t buckle or blemish over the years.

Transform a bare wall or fence with our stylish gothic trellis and watch your plants thrive.

If your wall or fence needs a little something extra, look no further than this striking illusion trellis. Whether you choose to populate it with plants or leave it bare, this metal trellis will create a point of interest in your outdoor space.

Designed to aid climbing plants, this structure is the perfect structure to support honeysuckle, roses, and wisteria. This design boasts a strong, plastic-coated metal exterior that won’t age or warp over the years.

If your garden is on the smaller side, our wall mounted trellis will help you make the most of your space. This garden trellis is both traditional and timeless and it will enhance a range of settings. Maximise your garden’s potential with this trellis and watch as the space comes to life. Use this structure as a place to showcase your favourite plants or let it act as a screen to create an air of mystery.


Metric: 120cm Tall x 46cm Wide x 3cm from the wall

Imperial: 48" Tall x 18" Wide x 1.5" from the wall