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Welcome to Home & Garden Extras
Welcome to Home & Garden Extras

What Black Friday deals are there at Home & Garden Extras – and what can you use these products for?

Black Friday banner with yellow and black crosses.

Black Friday has come early to Home & Garden Extras this year.

Black Friday is coming and we're so excited that we can’t stand it!

In fact, we’re so excited that instead of waiting until the big day, we're making our deals live a week early.

From 9am Friday 18th November, we’re discounting 10 of our most popular product ranges by up to 50%.

You'll have just over a week to take advantage of these deals – they will end at midnight on Monday 28th November.

To give you a helping hand, this blog covers:

  • General Black Friday FAQs
  • Details about our early Black Friday offers
  • Information about a selection of our discounted departments, so to help you choose what deals you should take advantage of

You can either read the blog from start to finish or use the links in the contents below to jump to the specific parts that interest you.

Happy shopping!


What is in the Home & Garden Extras early Black Friday sale?

We are discounting 10 of our most popular departments by up to 50%!

Our Black Friday deals will begin a week early at 9am on Friday 18th November.

These deals will run until midnight on Cyber Monday (if you didn’t read the previous section, that’s 28th November).

Specifically, we’re discounting the following departments:

  1. Solar Lighting – 50%
  2. Artificial Christmas Trees – 50%
  3. Fire Bowls & Burners – 30%
  4. Garden Decorations – 25%
  5. Bird Food & Bird Feeders – 25%
  6. Garden Games – 20%
  7. Bird Boxes & Insect Houses – 20%
  8. Terrariums – 20%
  9. Forks, Spades & Edging – 20%
  10. Christmas Boxes & Gift Sacks – 20%

We know that many people don’t quite know where to start with items for their gardens. So, below we have put together quick intros to some of the departments featured in our sale.

Solar lighting

If your garden receives a lot of sunlight, solar garden lighting can be a great addition.

We’re discounting our entire solar garden lighting range by 50% in our early Black Friday sale!

Pros of solar gardening lighting

  • For those who care about the environment but don't want to give up their enjoyment of garden lights, solar garden lights are perfect. They don't require electricity, making them environmentally friendly. Instead, they have a battery that recharges with the help of the sun.
  • Using solar garden lights will allow you to illuminate your garden without having to pay for energy. The actual light is the sole upfront expense. As there are no cords or new batteries required, you won't have to worry about paying to power them!
  • Particularly when compared to mains-powered lights, solar garden lights are simple to install and maintain. You don't have to worry about running wires out of your home or even hiring an electrician.
Bee solar string light sat on a table.

Different types of solar lights

There are three main types of solar garden lights

String solar lights

These are the more mature, larger, and more vibrant siblings of fairy lights.

They are available in a range of wire lengths and designs, such as lanterns and conventional lightbulbs.

These lights are fantastic for establishing a warm atmosphere for you and your visitors. They can be hung from a variety of features, including decking, fences, pergolas, garden arches, gazebos, and even trees!

Bulb solar string lights in front of a bush

Stake lights

For flowerbeds, pathways, and borders, these stakes with lights on top offer perfect illumination.

They work well in confined spaces where it can be challenging to attach wired lights.

Stake solar light place on the grass next to a path.

Solar lanterns

These lanterns, which contain LED bulbs, can either be free-standing or be hung.

A solar lantern light hung infront of foliage.

You can read more in our full article, “Should I get solar garden lights?”.

Artificial Christmas trees

For busy families who don't want the stress of worrying if their tree will survive until Christmas day, artificial trees are ideal. When it comes down to it, they look very similar to their "real" counterparts while also taking up less time and being simpler to store.

During our early Black Friday sale, we’re discounting our range of artificial Christmas trees by 50%.

Different types of artificial Christmas trees

Modern artificial Christmas trees can be broken down into three types: PVC, PE, and a combination of the two.


All artificial Christmas trees until recently were made solely from PVC.

Compressed PVC sheets are cut into long, flat rectangles and then wrapped between two threads of wire that serve as branches.


PE, also known as polyethylene, is thought to be the only substance that accurately mimics the appearance of a natural Christmas tree. Injection moulding is used to create the moulds for PE trees, which produces realistic, three-dimensional needles and branches.


Many modern artificial trees use a combination of PVC and PE.

PVC is used deeper down the branches to give the tree a thicker appearance, whilst PE is used at the branch tips to give the tree the most authentic appearance and feel possible.

A decorative christmas tree in a living room

Pros of artificial Christmas trees compared to “real” ones

The advantages of choosing an artificial Christmas tree are numerous:

  • Christmas trees made of artificial materials don't need any upkeep. Unlike a natural tree, there is no need to water it, prune it, or be concerned about mould development.
  • You won't have a mess of needles on your floor like you would with a genuine Christmas tree.
  • An artificial tree can be a perfect substitute if you suffer from allergies.
  • You can change the way the branches look to get the exact aesthetic you want.
  • You will save time for years to come if you purchase an artificial Christmas tree. You won't need to travel to the garden centre every December to get a fresh one.
  • You can further lessen the amount of time you spend decorating by purchasing a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree.
A woman setting up an artificial Christmas tree.

You can read more in our full article, “Should you get an artificial Christmas tree this year?”.

Fire Bowls & Burners

A fire feature – whether it be a fire pit, bowl, globe, basket, or chiminea – is a great addition to any patio or garden.

We’re discounting all of the products in our Fire Bowls & Burners range by 30% in our early Black Friday sale.

What types of fire features are there?

Fire pits and bowls

Depending on what you read, what fire pits and bowls are and how they differ can be a little hazy.

There isn't an official definition of what a fire pit is. In fact, there isn't even agreement on how to spell the word. Elsewhere you’ll see it written as one word: firepit.

Fire pit can refer to anything from a pit dug into the earth to mobile structures holding flames in a variety of sizes. We’re interested in the latter here.

Contrarily, fire bowls are always held by a stand, which is commonly made of metal. Furthermore, compared to fire pits, fire bowls are typically more portable.

The main element of the two is that they are made to contain a flame and prevent it from spreading.

A lit fire bowl in a garden.

Fire globes

This is a fire bowl with a distinctive globe with engravings that sits atop the bowl.

A lit fire globe

Fire baskets

A fire basket is a metal basket used to burn wood for warmth and pleasure.

Fire baskets are ideal for temporary use in your garden because they are far more portable than even the smallest bowl. You can also use the basket to store your logs once you're done burning.

A lit fire basket.


A chiminea is a traditional open-flame structure with a grate and a chimney.

You can get chimineas made of cast iron or aluminium in addition to the traditional clay-based options.

A litl metal chiminea place on gravel.

You can read more in our full article, “Garden fire features: Our guide to log-burning fire pits, bowls, globes, baskets, and chimineas”.

Bird houses and bug hotels

You’ve worked so hard to make your garden a beautiful place to be. Now you need some guests. Why not start with the avian and insect variety?

In our early Black Friday sale, Bird Boxes & Insect Houses are discounted by 20%.

What is a bird house?

A bird house is a structure built by humans for nesting birds.

Depending on the species of bird they are intended for, bird houses either feature an open front or a smaller aperture for entry.

The best technique to draw and keep birds in your garden is with bird houses. Only specific species of birds use them, though. So check now to be sure you won't be let down if you have particular bird species in mind.

As a general rule, tit family members, sparrows, nuthatches, robins, woodpeckers, and wrens are the species most likely to use such nest boxes.

A bird house mounted on a brick wall.

What is a bug hotel?

An artificial nesting structure for insects is a bug hotel – also known as an insect hotel, bug house, or insect house.

They are specifically made to draw beneficial insects, such as those that eat pests, aid in pollination, and, to put it bluntly, strengthen the food chain.

Bug hotels are typically composed of wood, however they can also occasionally be made of masonry, plastic, or metal. We advise you to stick with brick and wood.

A bee house mounted on a brick wall.

You can read more about our feathered friends in our article, “How to attract birds to your garden and encourage them to stay”. Then, learn how to attract insects to your garden in our article, “The beginner’s guide to bug hotels and insect houses”.

Spades, shovels, forks, and edging

Three of the most practical tools to keep in your garden shed are spades, shovels, and forks.

They are essential for cultivating, which is the process of digging and preparing land for planting. They can also assist with a variety of other tasks, such as edging borders, breaking up organic debris, and stripping grass.

Our forks, spades, and shovels are reduced by 20% as part of our early Black Friday sale.

What forks, spades, and shovels are used for

Garden spades, shovels, and forks are made to perform various (though quite similar) tasks:

  • The main purpose of a garden spade is digging.
  • The main purpose of a garden shovel is moving material.
  • The main purpose of a garden fork is breaking up material.

You can read more in our article, “The beginner’s guide to garden spades, shovels, and forks”.

Black Friday FAQs

Not quite sure where to start with Black Friday? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Our answers to frequently asked questions below will give you a helping hand.

What is Black Friday?

The Friday following Thanksgiving is referred to as "Black Friday" in America and signals the beginning of their holiday shopping season.

Many retailers open early, often as early as midnight or even on Thanksgiving itself, and frequently have heavily advertised deals with steep discounts.

Since 2005, Black Friday has consistently been the largest shopping day of the year in the US.

Does Black Friday occur outside of America?

Yes! In recent years, countries outside of the USA – including the UK – have adopted Black Friday.

Many nations have put their own spin on the event. For example, the English translation of the Welsh term used for Black Friday ('Dydd Gwener y Gwario Gwirion') is Silly Spending Friday.

What are Cyber Monday and Cyber Week

Black Friday sales often continue to the following Monday (“Cyber Monday”) or for a week (“Cyber Week”).

As implied by the use of the word “cyber”, these deals are often focused online.

Are there deals before Black Friday?

Many retailers, including Home & Garden Extras, now run deals in the run-up to Black Friday. Although, they commonly end on Cyber Monday.

Do Black Friday sales last all weekend?

Commonly, Black Friday deals last until the midnight of Cyber Monday.

Do Black Friday deals start at midnight?

Some retailers begin their sales at midnight, whilst others wait for their normal opening time – commonly 9am.

Always make sure to double-check when the sale starts with the retailer you’re purchasing from!


We hope we've given you some inspiration for this Black Friday!

Remember, you'll have just over a week to take advantage of these deals. You have until midnight on Monday 28th November.

Make sure to follow us on social media and sign up to our email newsletter for further updates on our Black Friday offers.

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