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Welcome to Home & Garden Extras
A pile of wrapped Christmas presents

Gardening gifts for Christmas

Struggling to find a present for a garden-loving friend or family member? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Christmas is nearly here! Despite the best of intentions, it always seems that time slips away and it’s a bit of a rush to get everyone’s presents.

When it comes to Christmas gifts, it’s the thought that counts. So, a present that reflects the person’s interests and hobbies is always a great idea – particularly when it comes to our nearest and dearest. 

Gardening gifts for Christmas are ideal for green-fingered friends and family members. Whether you’re searching for a gardening gift for your recently retired mum who loves pottering in the garden, a niece who’s bought her first home and doesn’t know where to start with her outside space, or a secret Santa gift for a colleague who prides themself on being the ultimate house plant parent, this gift guide is for you.

You can either read this blog from top to bottom or click on a particular topic in the contents below to be taken to the section relevant to you.

We hope that you find the perfect gift and have a very merry Christmas!


Gardening gifts for mums and dads

Choosing gardening gifts for mums and dads can be tricky. It’s important to strike a balance between what will be practical and what can be kept out of the way of little ones!

A trug trolley or a wagon can be ideal for lending parents a helping hand in the garden and taking the physical strain out of gardening so they can chase after the kids.

Wheelbarrows can be awkward to manoeuvre and leave gardeners with their hands full. What’s more, they put unnecessary strain on the back and legs.

Trug trollies and wagons are easy to use and ergonomic for moving bits and bobs around the garden. Practical and effective, one of these would certainly be a gift parents appreciate!

For parents who want to spruce up their patio area, gifting them garden decorations is ideal. Garden wall art is a fantastic way of giving mum and dad a decorative gardening gift that can be hung up high away from the kids!

A filled wagon being wheeled across grass.

Gardening gifts for grandma and grandpa

For house-proud grandparents, keeping their home tidy after they’ve walked the dog or been out in the garden is essential.

Everyone hates the inconvenience caused by those pesky muddy wellies cluttering up hallways and trailing dirt through the house. Make your grandparents’ life easier by gifting them an elegant wellington boot stand – plus a boot scraper to help clean up. 

Our boots racks can hold up to six pairs of boots or outdoor shoes, creating an attractive and orderly way to keep outdoor essentials out of harm’s way. Moreover, this home gift will come in handy when the extended family pops by for festive fun over the holidays!

A wellington boot stand holding two wellies.

Gardening Gifts for kids

Gardening gifts for kids are ideal for creating memories with younger family members. From Christmas gifts for children who love playing outdoors to something a little more niche for older kids, you’ll find the perfect gift at Home & Garden Extras.

Garden games are perfect for getting kids excited about playing outdoors. Our range of classic garden games, including giant dominoes and a Quoits set, is extremely popular with the whole family and sure to get everyone looking forward to the warmer months.

For those days when it not only rains but pours, craft kits are great gifts to keep children entertained. Kids interested in wildlife will love our range of DIY bird boxes and insect hotels, while our painting kits will spark their imagination when decorating gardening ornaments.

A Quoits set in use.

Gardening gifts for grown-up grandchildren

If you’ve been tasked with arranging a Christmas present for the grown-up grandchildren, what could be better than an item to enhance their trips out or festival experiences? 

Give them something to keep their hands free and drinks cool on their next outdoor outing or camping trip with a simple-to-use, easy-to-store drinks holder. 

Whether they’re wine drinkers, beer fans, or warm beverage enthusiasts, we have an outdoor drink holder to suit all tastes. Each set comes with at least four cup or glass holders, and our wine holder has dedicated support for a full bottle of wine. Perfect for spontaneous road trips or garden soirees!

Three wine holders - two holding glassed of wine and one holding the bottle.

Gardening Gifts for house plant parents

Unfortunately, not everyone who loves gardening has a garden. There are plenty of flat-dwellers who still manage to enjoy growing their vegetables and cultivating different types of plant varieties. 

A gardening gift such as a plant mister watering can will certainly be appreciated by loved ones who pride themselves on being the perfect house plant parents. And if they can’t wait to tell everyone about their latest cuttings, a plant pot to transfer their new plants over as they grow will be a practical way of brightening their living space.

A houseplant in a pot.

Secret Santa gardening gifts

Choosing a gift for secret Santa can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know the receiver very well.

If you get the impression that they would enjoy a gardening gift or are interested in unique home decor, a terrarium kit is a sure-fire crowd-pleaser. A terrarium is usually an enclosed bottle or jar boasting a miniature garden inside that has its own eco-system, making it ideal for plant varieties such as succulents.

If you know your Secret Santa recipient loves long walks, whatever the weather a cute doormat can make a lovely gift. This practical gift will allow them to wipe off traces of their muddy adventures, while our unique designs featuring dogs and cats add a personal touch to this gift!

Two terrariums.


What do you have on your Christmas list this year? We hope our gift guide has given you some inspiration for the festive season. 

If you’ve already selected your gift from our round-up, then be sure not to forget gift boxes and gift sacks so you can present your gardening gift to your loved one in style. Discover our seasonal Christmas range and more gardening essentials and gifts online at Home & Garden Extras.

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