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What can you plant this month?

May and June are delightful months for gardeners. No more worries about the risk of frost, now is the time to start sowing the seeds of a fruitful summer!

What to plant in June

Sunflower seeds can be planted now the spring chill has well and truly passed. A bold, dramatic and instantly summery addition to any garden, they grow to be some 16ft in height – though smaller varieties are also available for less roomy spaces! Many species of sunflower are also highly attractive to bees.

Poppy seeds also respond well to the newfound sunshine, and there are many varieties to suit different soils and locations in your garden. For sunnier hot spots and border gardens, try the distinctive Papaver Orientale variety.

Celery and cucumber will all react favourably to the climate in late-May and June. To achieve optimum results, plant celery close together in blocks. Cucumbers thrive in the warmer months due to their tropical origins - averse to colder weather, they need a moderately warm soil in order to grow, and mustn’t be planted less than a fortnight after the last frosts have cleared.

Fennel and Celeriac raised indoors during the colder months can now be grown outside in cold frames throughout this season.

Pumpkins require a lot of care and attention, but the hard work is worth it if you have the patience! Plant in full sun and with plenty of room for the plant’s sprawling vines to spread out. ‘Autumn Gold’ varieties are the best for Halloween decorations, whilst the ‘Sugar Treat’ make for a particularly tasty addition in autumnal baking later in the year.

Night Scented Stock is a fragrant annual flower which opens in the evening to create a beautiful scent, best planted throughout the Spring and Summer months. They work particularly well when added to window boxes or garden borders, and their modest size means they suit gardens of any scope.

Nasturtiums are a beautiful but low-maintenance flower, which also help lure insects away from other garden plants. In addition to being a handy, attractive addition to the garden, they are also an edible flower – making unexpected and delicious additions to salads.

Sweet Pea is simple to grow from seed, and flower throughout the summer months. Exceptionally popular due to their bright colour and sweet fragrance, they should be grown in rich soil, preferably in full sun.

Pet lovers will be pleased to hear that early summer is the ideal time to plant Cat Grass.  It’s an easy plant to cultivate – simply add the potting mix to some soil and add enough water to moisten it. Ensure the soil remains damp and you should see results within seven days – providing felines with a tasty treat to enjoy on warm summer days.

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