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Coir Doormat

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  • Coir Doormat
  • 60cm x 40cm x 1.5cm

Simplistic and minimalist, the Plain Coir Doormat is a practical and versatile accessory for any home. The functional doormat is made from eco-friendly fibres that are naturally found in coconuts. Its generous 60cm x 40cm x 1.6cm dimensions provide a more than adequate surface for the cleaning, wiping and scraping of wet and muddy footwear.

The Plain Coir Doormat is tough, strong and remarkably durable, and ideal for placing directly beside your home's entranceway, porch, or door that leads to the garden. The coir fibres are tightly packed to produce a dense, hardwearing surface that is effortlessly capable of scraping away compacted dry mud, as well as water and general dirt.

The understated design of the Plain Coir Doormat doesn't draw any attention to itself. This makes it the perfect doormat for any style and environmentally conscious household. Its robust construction offers the ideal option for keeping high traffic areas dirt and mud free.


60cm x 40cm x 1.5cm


24" x 16" x 0.6"