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Dog Rubber & Coir Doormat

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  • Rubber & Coir Doormat
  • 75cm x 25cm x 0.9cm

Let everyone instantly know that your home is a dog friendly zone, with the practical, functional and appealing Dog Rubber & Coir Doormat. The rectangular doormat measures 75cm x 25cm x 0.9cm, and is constructed from hardwearing natural coir fibres and heavy-duty black rubber.

The Dog Rubber & Coir Doormat features a beveled rubber frame that surrounds tightly woven eco-friendly and biodegradable coir fibres in a natural finish. A cute long-bodied, short-legged, black rubber Dachshund silhouette motif provides decorative embellishment. The robust doormat's serviceable elongated shape allows for the simultaneous cleaning of multiple footwear.

The versatile Dog Rubber & Coir Doormat can be placed outside the front entranceway or porch, or alternatively by the back door. The doormat's coir fibres will grab and absorb the dirt and mud from boots and shoes that stamp and pound all over the pooch adorned surface. As a result, your interior floors will remain free of messy footprints.


75cm x 25cm x 0.9cm


29.5" x 9.8" x 0.35"