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Fire Globe - Meadow

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  • Fire Globe / Log burner
  • Rusted Metal Look
  • 58cm x 57cm x 66cm

Transform your garden into a magical outdoor space with the beautiful and functional Fire Globe. Constructed from strong metal that is authentically rusted, the modern fire globe provides a stylish and ornamental alternative to the popular and more traditional style of fire pit/log burner. Use it from spring to winter to extend your garden pleasure.

Not every log burner has to be utilitarian in design and construction. Boasting 58cm x 57cm x 66cm dimensions, the striking Fire Globe features a sturdy circular base plate, and a short and chunky central column. Positioned on the top is an oversized orb that is intricately decorated with dainty motifs of leaves, bird sand butterflies. When fired up with burning logs inside, the metal fire globe creates a mesmerising silhouette of nature's embellishments.

The Fire Globe is suitable for burning logs or charcoal, and can be positioned anywhere in the garden that you want to create a cosy and inviting environment. It's especially ideal for a garden that already showcases whimsical and enchanting decorations and features. To create warmth and visual interest in your outdoor space, for evening or out of season socialising, simply throw in a few logs and relax whilst admiring the view.