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Artificial Raffia Twine Ball

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Ideal for all sorts of garden tasks — Training branches, tying together bundles of vegetables, securing plants as they grow , and much more can be done with raffia twine.

Colour blends in to foliage — You don’t have to worry about this twine ruining your garden’s look. Its green colour won’t contrast with the plants its helping to support.

Apprx 450 meters long twine ball — This raffia twine ball will last you a very long time.

Sold individually or in packs of three — If you’ve got a lot of garden tasks requiring twine, buy three balls at once for a reduced price.

An essential for your home and garden, this versatile green Artificial Raffia twine is the perfect option for offering support to your growing plants.

Use it to secure plants as they grow around a trellis or stake, to bind together bunches of flowers or herbs, and much more.

A raffia is type of large palm tree native to Madagascar, the leaves of which are stripped and dried to create raffia strands. This material is used in a variety of manners, including weaving it like straw and as a substitute for packing foam. Artificial raffia is made from vegetable cellulose and mimics the natural form to great effect.

The green twine blends in amongst plants and floral arrangements and is strong and durable for all your horticultural and gardening needs. Simply bunch a few strands together to create an extra strong binding.

Each ball is approximately 450m long / 150gms balls