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Balcony/Fence Holder - Decorative Trellis Back Planter Holder

SKU 1429C-RT-PC1
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Color: Charcoal
  • Planter holders for balconies and fences
  • Trellis back to allow plants to grow upwards
  • Includes 60cm plastic trough
  • 7cm hooks
  • Plastic coated solid steel
  • Available in two colours

Decorating your railings with stunning balcony displays should be a simple task with an elegant outcome. No more bare fences or balconies with this Decorative Trellis Back Balcony Hanger. It's now incredibly simple to create an attractive and appealing outdoor focal point with our multi-planter. Easy to just hang over your balcony rails or fencing, you can decorate your once thought bare fencing with something that youÕre proud to show off to your guests. Making an impression and ensuring your homecoming is that bit more cheerful has never been so easy.

Our window box alternative features rounded 7cm hooks, which makes fixing this planter incredibly simple as it can sit on all standard balcony railings and fences securely by simply hooking over. Featuring a symmetrical back plate trellis means that you can grow a climbing plant with ease, or leave it bare and planted with your favourite herbs or vegetables to show off the elegant design. Made from a solid steel frame which is protected from rust by a plastic coating so it can be used and enjoyed throughout the year. Each planter comes with a plastic 60cm trough in a choice of colours.

You can choose from charcoal or terracotta troughs, both of which have small feet on the underside which hold them firmly in place within the rail planter. If you want to keep it a bit cleaner and donÕt want to fuss with soil or compost then these troughs can also hold up to three small pots of your choice which will slot perfectly into place.

Holds 24" (60cm) x 8" (20cm) x 8"" (20cm) trough.

It hangs 32" (86cm) from the top of the hooks to the bottom of the trough and features 3" (7.6cm) hooks.