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Bird Bell Birdfeeder - Seed

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Specially designed for seeds Attract a wide range of seed-loving species, such as house sparrows, dunnocks, blackbirds, tits, and greenfinches.

Hanging birdfeeder Easily hang your birdfeeder from a feeding station, tree, or a hook so it’s easy to spot, both for you and your feathered friends!

Easy to fill Once you spot that the clear internal feeder is running low, just pop open the top and refill.

Cage protection You don’t have to worry about unwanted dinner guests at your new feeder. Thanks to the feeder’s substantial cage, squirrels won’t be able to get to the seeds on offer.

Perfect for smaller birds The large cage also deters larger birds, so smaller species will be able to eat in peace.

This feeder is a must for small bird lovers. Its cage protects food in the internal tube from squirrels and larger species, so more petite species can enjoy seeds in peace. The clear internal tube makes it easy to monitor how much food is left at any one time, so you can keep it topped up with new seed whenever you need to.

Weight: 1kg

Diameter at the bottom of cage: 26.5cm

Diameter at the top of cage: 13cm

Height: 33cm