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Garden Pride Bird Food - Nyjer Seeds Wild Bird Food

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Great nutrition for birds Although tiny in size, nyjer seeds are oil-rich and highly nutritious.

Attract seed-loving species Birds particularly attracted to nyjer seeds include siskins, turtle doves, and finches.

One single, natural ingredient You don’t have to worry about a list of weird and wonderful ingredients and what they’ll do to your feathered friends. These nyjer seeds are pure.

Sterilised seeds Our nyjer seeds have been sterilised, which means those that fall onto your lawn won’t germinate.

Large 2kg bag You won’t run out of seeds for your garden guests quickly!

Attract a range of birds with a food they love: Nyjer seeds. The nyjer plant originates from Africa, where it is primarily grown for its edible oil and seeds. Due to their compact size, the wild food is best served straight in a seed feeder. Alternatively, you can place a generous handful on a bird table.

Large 2kg bag