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Circle Plant Supports

SKU 1856-RT-PC3
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A great alternative to standard cages — This plant support’s three fixed legs are superior to those of cages as they provide more security and are less likely to be blown over or knocked about.

Sold in packs of three — The more plants in the garden the better! Give support for an array of your favourite garden guests with your triple pack of plant supports.

Green Plastic-coated solid steel — Your plant supports will last for many, many years to come thanks to robust, coated steel.

Available in four sizes — Choose the perfect sized plant supports for your garden. We stock this option in small, medium, large, and tall. Scroll through the product images for detailed dimensions.

If you've spent time and effort creating a beautiful plant display, the last thing you want is for your green friends to succumb to the elements or their own weight. Our solid steel circle plant supports are easy to use, effective, and resilient making them the ideal solution.

Their solid steel frames are sturdy enough to penetrate even tough ground. Also, their plastic-coating helps protect against rust, even in the less than favourable British weather!

The three fixed legs excel over ordinary plant support cages as they offer additional security and are less likely to be blown or knocked over. You can even adjust the height as needed by pulling the legs further out of the ground as your indoor or outdoor plants grow.

Coming in packs of three and a choice of four sizes, these circular metal support rings are perfect for artfully adding support to your garden’s plants.



  • Small: 30cm Tall x 24cm Diameter
  • Medium: 45cm Tall x 30cm Diameter
  • Large: 72cm Tall x 39cm Diameter
  • Tall: 90cm Tall x 30cm Diameter


  • Small: 12" Tall x 9" Diameter
  • Medium: 18" Tall x 12" Diameter
  • Large: 28" Tall x 15" Diameter
  • Tall: 35" Tall x 12" Diameter