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Coco Moss Fibre Liner

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  • Coco moss fibre liner for hanging baskets or patio planters
  • Reduce water loss, eco-friendly and quick and easy to use
  • Loose coco moss liner

Give your precious plants some growing assistance with our bags of Loose Coco Moss Liner. The easy to use hanging basket liner is supplied in generous 500g bag so that you can fill up your baskets ready for hanging and showing. Coco moss fibre is made from the renewable resource of coconuts and is easy to mould to the shape of your hanging planter or basket. Loose Coco Moss Liner helps to prevent moisture loss and helps to provide extra drainage. The natural coco moss liner also allows the roots to breathe. Fluff it up and insert inside the hanging basket, before adding the soil. The liner can be moulded to fit any shape or style of planter. Once you have filled your hanging basket with patio planter liner, add your plants.

Sold in 200g & 500g bags