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Coco Moss Multi Use Liner

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  • Coco liner for hanging baskets or patio planters
  • Reduce water loss, eco-friendly and quick and easy to use
  • Sold in a 60cm x 150cm sheet

Boost the growth of your hanging basket plants with easy to use Coco Moss. Our coco moss liner is eco-friendly and supplied in a generous size sheet. The high quality hanging basket liner is made from the fibre coir from coconut shells and is designed to keep soil compacted. As natural patio planter liner is breathable, water will pour through the liner ensuring that the soil receives adequate moisture. Use the Coco Moss sheet to line your hanging baskets and planters. The coco moss liner will reduce water loss, add a layer of insulation to the hanging basket, and prevent the plant roots from rotting due to excessive watering.

Sold in a 60cm x 150cm sheet