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Daffodil - Metal Flower Garden Stakes

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Stylish and functional – It's not necessary for practicality to come at the cost of ugliness. Our stakes have been designed to both support your favourite plants and stand alone as lovely garden accents.

Raw steel designed to rust – The ‘rusty’ in the name refers to the charming, weathered finish that will occur as the stakes’ steel reacts to the elements.

Stake easily into the ground – The stakes are easy to add to borders, flowerbeds, or pots thanks to their pointed tips, which press into soil with little effort.

90cm tall – Being close to a metre tall, your new stakes won't disappear into the background!

Sold in packs of three – The more flowers the better! Arrange your daffodils together or place them around your garden.

An array of other designs available – Place your daffodils alongside bluebells, daisies, roses, roses with leaves, thistles, sunflowers, and poppies.

These rusty daffodil stakes will add a rustic touch to your outdoor space. Their steel has been specifically chosen to beautifully rust over time, providing a delightfully weathered look. Although, they’re not just aesthetically pleasing – they are also practical. Use them as supports for plants, allowing heavier blooms to achieve their full potential.