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Heavy Duty Pot Caddy - Square

SKU 4340-RT-PC1
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£13.99 - £33.99
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  • Heavy Duty Plant Pot Mover
  • Made of solid steel
  • Plastic coated and rust resistant
  • Features four caster wheels
  • Available in three sizes

Potted plants and floral arrangements make for a simple and stunning addition to any garden or outdoor space, but potted plants or flower pots can be heavy and cumbersome, especially when they are filled with soil or made from terracotta. Moving them to sunnier or shadier spots or making room for other plants and pots can therefore require lots of heavy lifting! This can be time consuming and exhausting, not to mention putting unnecessary strain on arms, legs and the back. Our durable and convenient wheeled pot caddies make rearranging your potted plants a breeze.

Crafted from a hardwearing solid steel, this handy heavy duty plant pot mover has four evenly spaced wheels for safe and simple movement. Ultra sturdy, it can take the weight of even the heaviest of flower pots with ease. The lovely scrolled framework is plastic coated, so the British weather won't cause any annoying and unsightly rust.

Choose from three sizes to get a snug fit- our pot caddie also features a 1cm handy lip around the edge for extra security, preventing its cargo from sliding off, so allow a little extra when measuring for your pots.

Our Small, Medium and Large pot caddies are weight tested up to 40kg on a flat surface.

Small - 25.5cm Square (Interal dimensions 23.5cm)

Medium - 30.5cm Square (Interal dimensions 28.5cm)

Large - 38cm Square (Interal dimensions 36cm)

Small - 
10" Square

Medium - 12" Square

Large - 15" Square