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Manger/Trough Liner - Pre moulded Coco Liner

SKU 4048-RT-PC1
Original price £5.99 - Original price £9.99
Original price
£5.99 - £9.99
Current price £5.99
  • Trough / Wall Mounted Planter Liners - Coco Liner
  • Premoulded to fit most troughs / manger planters
  • Available for 24", 30" or 36" Planters
  • Scroll through images for measurements

These replacement liners for the Garden Pride trough hayrack are the ideal solution to be able to re-use your heavy duty hayracks time and time again. Available in 3 sizes 24", 30" and 36" long. They are made to fit the Garden Pride hayracks and will also accommodate a range of others. They are made from natural coco fibers for strength and water absorbency making them quick and easy to use and perfect for hayracks. Our liners are pre molded which means they are ready to go and can be inserted into any hayrack, manger or window box. As well as being used to make beautiful floral displays, growing small crops of herbs, etc in a variety of spaces, big or small as they are off the ground, ideal for balconies, small gardens and large gardens. The absorbency of these CoCo fiber liner means less water is loss and the plant can soak in all the water provided keeping them strong and healthy. The ecofriendly replacement coco liner.

Scroll Through Images for detailed measurements