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Raw Plant Support Props

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Made in Britain — These plant support props are handcrafted to the highest British standards in our West Sussex workshop.

Sold in packs of three — Support a range of plants in your garden with three trusty plant support props.

Available in three sizes — Choose the perfect height of props for your plants. Scroll through the product images for more detailed dimensions.

Made of raw steel designed to rust — Add character to your garden. The props’ raw steel will develop a rusty patina over time, giving them a charmingly weathered look.

Give your precious blossoms and blooms a helping hand with the aid of a set of rusty plant support props.

These props’ slender metal poles feature spiral curls at their tops that encircle plant stems to hold them securely in place. The flower support sticks are designed to be inserted into the soil to support the growth of taller plants. When plunged deep into the ground, the plant support stems can be gradually pulled up to assist in supporting plants as they flourish and grow taller.

The plant prop keeps flowers and foliage standing upright during changes in weather windswept floral arrangements no longer need to decorate your garden after a mini-monsoon!

These functional, must-have garden accessories are made from durable, raw steel and are available in three heights. As their steel has been left untreated, these plant props will naturally develop an attractive antiqued rusted look over time.

Also, being made from strong and sturdy stuff like raw steel, these plant props easily manage to contain and control heavier plants with larger blossoms.

To select the right size plant prop, simply estimate how tall your plant species is likely to grow and choose accordingly.



  • Small: 61cm Tall x 6cm Diameter
  • Medium: 77cm Tall x 6cm Diameter
  • Large: 91cm Tall x 6cm Diameter


  • Small: 24" Tall x 9" Diameter
  • Medium: 30" Tall x 9" Diameter
  • Large: 36" Tall x 9" Diameter