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Rusty Bow Plant Supports

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Made in Britain  Having been designed and crafted in our West Sussex workshop, you can rest assured that your bows have been manufactured to the highest British standards.

Sold in packs of four — Support a range of plants and shrubs in your garden with four trusty bows.

Available in six different sizes — Pick the perfect sized bows for your plants, with six options ranging from ‘Low’ to ‘Extra Large’.

Made of raw steel designed to rust — These bows are made of 6mm thick raw steel. Please be aware they are not pre-rusted, but they will artfully weather in a matter of weeks for an aesthetically pleasing rustic look.

Can be interlinked to form more complex shapes — Our garden support bows can be linked together to form more complex structures. Clean rows, circular patterns, geometric designs the only limit is your imagination!

Our Rusty Bow Plant Supports are one of our most popular products and for good reason!

These versatile support bows come in six different sizes to support a wide variety of plants and the hooks in the corner of each bow allow them to be linked to create rows, circles, and other shapes.

The ‘Rusty’ in the name refers to the raw steel used in their production, which is designed to rust over time, providing a charmingly weathered look. Please note that these bows are supplied at various degrees of rustiness but will quickly rust once left in the garden.

If you’d prefer a rust-resistant finish, we also have green plastic-coated plant support bows.

Top tips

  • If the elements have left your foliage looking a little windswept, bow plant supports are great for rescuing and reviving them.
  • Bow plant supports can be gently bent to better suit the plants they're supporting. This flexibility means they can be used with almost every shape and size of plant and makes them much more versatile than most plant support hoops or rings.
  • When growing particularly tall plants, a large bow can be inserted deep into the ground, then slowly drawn out as the plant grows.



  • Low: 40cm Tall x 42cm Wide x 14cm Deep
  • Small: 50cm Tall x 25cm Wide x 14cm Deep
  • Medium: 60cm Tall x 30cm Wide x 17cm Deep
  • Large: 72cm Tall x 40cm Wide x 20cm Deep
  • Tall: 92cm Tall x 30cm Wide x 17cm Deep
  • Extra Large: 100cm Tall x 44cm Wide x 18cm Deep


  • Low: 16" Tall x 17" Wide x 6" Deep
  • Small: 20" Tall x 10" Wide x 6" Deep
  • Medium: 24" Tall x 12" Wide x 7" Deep
  • Large: 28" Tall x 16" Wide x 8" Deep
  • Tall: 36" Tall x 12" Wide x 7" Deep
  • Extra Large: 39" Tall x 17" Wide x 7" Deep