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Rusty Metal Spiral Garden Stakes

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Made in Britain — Having been designed and crafted in our West Sussex workshop, you can rest assured that your stakes have been manufactured to the highest British standards.

Raw steel designed to rust  Add character to your garden. The stakes’ steel will develop a rusty patina over time, giving them a charmingly weathered look.

Available in two sizes — Pick the right size for your garden and taste. Choose between a three-pack of smaller 90cm stakes or a two-pack of larger 120cm stakes.

Practical and ornamental — Plant supports don’t have to be unsightly. Our stakes have been crafted to both prop up your favourite blooms and stand on their own as beautiful pieces of garden décor.

Stake easily into the ground — The stakes are easy to add to borders, flowerbeds, or pots thanks to their pointed tips, which press into soil with little effort.

These unique garden decorations consist of hand-crafted steel spirals sat atop a steel spike that pushes into the ground. The steel rusts naturally over time to create our signature rustic look. These rustic spirals can be used ornamentally or as a decorative plant support and come in two different sizes.



  • Small: 100cm Tall with 10cm Spiral
  • Large: 130cm Tall with 15cm Spiral 


  • Small: 40" Tall with 4" Spiral
  • Large: 52" Tall with 6" Spiral