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Scrolled Peony Cage Plant Support

SKU 1862G-RT-PC3
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Transform the appearance of your plants and floral displays with our strong yet ornate Scrolled Top Peony Cages, which are supplied in convenient packs of three.

These stylish and functional vase-like plant supports feature two round support rings and three slender upright poles embellished with curvy spiral tops. They also boast a distinctive conical shape that encourages blossoms to flourish in an elegant fashion.

Push the sturdy legs of your peony cages into the soil of a flowerbed or border and enjoy the control of being able to manage the growing process. The stems of your peonies will be encouraged to grow straight up so that you can fully appreciate their beautiful blooms. You can also use the cage for training roses and other larger perennials.

We offer a choice of three finishes, so you can pick a look that compliments your garden’s aesthetic perfectly. Choose a timeless and classic black, a shade of green that perfectly blends in with nature, or raw steel. If you go for the latter, your plant support cage will develop a stunning, rusted patina over time, adding interest to your floral arrangements.