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Straight Trellises - Wall mounted

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Sold in singularly or in packs of two — Balance your garden’s vertical decoration with two matching, beautiful trellises.

Available in two sizes  Choose the perfect sized trellises for your garden. We offer this design at 1.2m and 1.5m tall.

Plastic-coated solid steel — Being made of protected sturdy metal, you can rest assured that your new trellises will remain upright and rust-free even in less-than-hospitable environments.

If your garden needs a little something extra, look no further than these striking trellises.

They will transform bare walls and fences whilst giving your climbing plants a supportive canvas to decorate with their beautiful flowers and colours.

Although, they will create points of interest in your outdoor space whether you use them to support plants or leave them bare.

Designed to aid climbing plants, this structure is the perfect place to house honeysuckles, roses, and wisteria. This particular design is made of a strong plastic-coated metal that will take the weight of climbers but won’t warp or rust over the years like untreated steel.

The design is traditional, timeless, and will enhance any space, whether it be a large country garden or a small urban courtyard. If your garden is on the smaller side, they will let you fill your garden with colour without compromising on space.

Maximise your garden’s potential with these trellises and watch as it comes to life. Use these structures as places to showcase your favourite plants or let them act as screens to create an air of mystery.



  • Small: 122cm Tall x 30cm Wide x 4cm from the wall
  • Large: 152cm Tall x 30cm Wide x 7cm from the wall


  • Small: 48" Tall x 12" Wide x 2" from the wall
  • Large: 60" Tall x 12" Wide x 3" from the wall