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Cushioned Wire Twist Tie

by Garland
SKU W0595
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Green blends in with foliage — Don’t worry about your plant support ties running the look of your garden. The green of these twist ties will blend in seamlessly with your flowers and foliage.

Available in two sizes — These twist ties are offered at five metres long with a 3mm width and ten metres long with a 5mm width. Use the latter for heavier plants that need extra support.

No need for knots — Don’t worry if you can’t remember your Scouts knot training. With these clever ties, all you have to do is twist the wire a few times to secure your plant.

Great for delicate plants — Despite being strong, these twist ties will also be delicate on your plants thanks to their cushioning.

The perfect support for your flowers and plants, these twist ties will help them stay healthy and looking their best.

These ties are made of wire with a soft plastic cushioning, which protects delicate plants such as flowers and ferns, but are strong enough to hold everything in place.

No need for knots; just twist a few times, and your plant will be held firmly in its pot or to its stake.