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Mixed Salad SeedCell Selection Pack

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A mix of salad favourites — This carefully chosen assortment of mouth-watering salad favourites is ideal for growing in confined areas.

No mess, no waste, no plastic — The pods are made from certified compostable materials and are 100% biodegradable. SeedCell is the only fully biodegradable, peat free seed pod in the world.

Perfect for beginner gardeners and children  You don’t have to worry about dropping or losing seeds. Simply push the pods into soil and add water. The water absorbing pods will soak up all the water needed, delivering it directly to the seeds.

No need for tools — The pods simply push into soil, eliminating the need for tools.

As seen on Dragons’ Den  You may recognise Grow Sow Simple if you’re a fan of the popular BBC show. The company gained the enthusiastic backing of dragon Sara Davies.

Eco-conscious Planting SeedCell pods prevents tonnes of industrial waste being sent to landfill. Grow Sow Simple make their pods in a closed-loop process that allows waste from production to go back into the recycling cycle.

Get growing quickly and simply with these award-winning seed pods!

This specially selected selection of delicious salad favourites is fantastic for growing in small spaces.

What is SeedCell?

A SeedCell® is an easy to plant, biodegradable pod filled with seeds. Their manufacturer, Grow Sow Simple, believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the thrill of growing their own fresh herbs and vegetables, no matter their level of experience. It’s their goal to make gardening more accessible.

For gardeners who want to be eco-conscious on their planting journey, Grow Sow Simple’s SeedCell pods and box sets are perfect. They are made from 100% recycled industrial waste that has been stripped of any bleaches, acids, or other chemicals.

What’s in this box set?

This selection box includes 12 pods. Specifically, you will get three cherry tomato, rocket, cucumber, and butterhead lettuce seed pods.

Also included in your box is an informative leaflet with a how to guide on using your pods, growing times, and tips.

When should you plant and harvest your SeedCell pods?

Cherry Tomato

Plant indoors all year round | Plant outdoors May to June | Harvest July to October


Plant indoors February April | Plant outdoors May to June | Harvest July to October


Plant indoors all year round | Plant outdoors April to May | Harvest all year round

Butterhead Lettuce

Plant indoors all year round | Plant outdoors March to August | Harvest April to October

How does SeedCell work?

All you need to do is push the cardboard pod into soil or compost and water well.  The seeds inside are kept in ideal conditions away from pests and predators and are much less likely to dry out.

The natural pulp material that makes up the SeedCell pods will absorb any ground moisture once planted. As you water your seeds, it will help deliver a steady feed directly to the seed without the worry of over watering. This will then aid the germination process and continuing to provide vital water to the newly emerging seedlings beneath the soil.

Please note that the number of seeds per cell differs between varieties of plants. SeedCells for larger plants include less seeds so to promote strong, healthy growth. Seedlings can be thinned if required by carefully separating the pod, making sure the roots are not disturbed for continued growth.

As the seeds grow, the pod breaks down into the soil and encourages healthy plant growth.