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Easy Fill & Clean Seed Feeder

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Honeyfield's Easy Fill & Clean Seed Feeder is the perfect all season garden accessory for bird lovers and twitchers of all ages. The lightweight and compact design of the seed feeder makes it ideal for hanging from a tree, wall bracket or fence hook. The easy to fill seed feeder boasts a transparent cylindrical tube that allows you to view the level of nutritious bird seed mix that is contained inside. The secure screw top lid ensures the food remains dry and ready to eat.

Once you hang it up, your feathered friends will quickly discover the generous offerings that you have stashed inside Honeyfield's Easy Fill & Clean Seed Feeder. To ensure the bird food that you serve is always at its best, cleaning the feeder is recommended between feeding frenzies. Two buttons release the removable base when squeezed. Clean out the tube and replace the base before refilling.