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Expanding Wall Trellis - Leaf

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Easily screen off areas and cover up walls — This trellis is simple to install. Just expand it to your desired size and then use screws or nails to attach to a suitable wall or fence.

Expandable up to one by two metres — As well as making it versatile, this trellis’s expanding and contracting design makes it simple to store.

If you want to screen off areas or cover up walls, this Expanding Wall Trellis will be perfect for your outside space.

The frame is made from natural willow, whilst the decorative leaves are made from polypropylene.

The trellis is expandable up to two metres by one metre:

  • When extended to one metre, the width is 120cm.
  • When extended to one and a half metres, the width is 110cm.
  • When extended to two metres, the width is 100cm.

We also offer an expanding wall trellis with flowers.


Weight: 1.84Kg

The trellis is expandable up to 200cm by 100cm:

• When extended to 100cm, the width is 120cm

• When extended to 150cm, the width is 110cm

• When extended to 200cm, the width is 100cm