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Vacuum Storage Bags

SKU SR24001
Original price £14.99 - Original price £29.99
Original price
£14.99 - £29.99
Current price £14.99
  • Quadruple your storage space
  • Each set comes with a vacuum pump included
  • Sealed for protection
  • Airtight seal prevents against moisture / dust and unwanted odours

Quadruple the storage space around your home with the assistance of vacuum storage bags. Complete with an included vacuum pump, you can reduce the size of seasonal clothing, quilts, blankets and duvets to a quarter of their normal size.

During compression the vacuum system withdraws all the excess air from each storage bag, making sure the contents inside are airtight once sealed to protect against moisture, moths, dust and unwanted odours from affecting your linens during storage.

10 pack: 10 bags measuring 40x60cm bags + Pump
20 pack: 12 bags measuring 40x60cm and 8 bags measuring 60x80cm + Pump
30 pack: 15 bags measuring 40x60cm, 8 bags measuring 60x80cm and 7 bags measuring 70x120cm + Pump